Reginald Boateng

Explore the photographic artistry of Reginald Kofi Boateng, a visual artist born in Accra, Ghana-West Africa who uses the lens of an iPhone to capture and edit beautiful stories to make colorful digital art. His work reflects on creating an imaginary world using vibrant colors and setting contrast with the melanin skin of his subjects. 

Reginald is inspired by the traditional Ghanaian fabric called “Kente” (a brightly colored textile made with handwoven strips of threads) which reflects in his colorful art making process. His work also portrays stories of people and places around him and creates a window for the outside world to view into the diversity of Ghanaian and African culture as a whole. 

His works has been featured on Prazzle Magazine and exhibited at Calabar Gallery NYC ,The Cowrie Culture, British Council Ghana, and Nubuke Foundation.